Teacher Feature: Mrs. Park

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Park

Segismundo Millan

Beginning and advanced Korean teacher, Mrs. Park, started teaching at CHS since 1997, as a full-time Korean language literature teacher. Mrs. Park had had previously taught Korean language literature teacher in Korea too, before she moved to  America soon after her marriage. 

Some struggles with Parks teaching would be seeing misbehaviors in students sometimes. With this she doesn’t really inform the students, but the parents and secretly gives them, the parents tips on how to support their children at home.

Mrs. Park loves to see what some students are like with their friends, showing their other bright and happy side at school.

Mrs. Park enjoys hearing her students voices, and seeing them during in class. She loves to see how they grow as people over the few years she sees them in high school. When Mrs. Park sees someone make a mistake, she likes to give them a second chance in hopes of seeing the compassion and willingness to change in that person.

Mrs. Park enjoys playing the piano, riding her bike with her husband, swimming, and table tennis–including a special day when she plays table tennis with her students.