Badminton, defenders of the title

Badminton, defenders of the title

Briseya Sarinana

The Cerritos Badminton Team–which consists of over 30 members–continue the fight of defending its title.

Badminton is a sport that requires racquets, a net, a birdie–but, most importantly– the stamina to use these tools to outlast the opponent.

The badminton season started late February and last through early May. 

Before every game the badminton team, as well as the opposing team, discuss the lineup of each game. Six nets are set up to allow for six games at a time.

There’s multiple categories of badminton including singles, doubles, JV, and Varsity.  So far, badminton has played against schools such as Cyprus, Arcadia, Tourney, and Cabrillo. Home games start at 3:30.

The Badminton League Finals will be held May 1.

“It’s fun; I’m glad I tried out this year,” Junior Jessica Le said.