Lana Del Rey’s new album might be her best

Lana Del Reys new album might be her best

Benny Crawford

Lana Del Rey released her newest album, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?” on March 24 2023. She had singles leading up to this album such as the title track and A&W. Did you know features guest appearances from Father John Misty, the Jack Antonoff project Bleachers, and Tommy Genesis. Did you know… is her 9th studio album after albums like Born To Die  and her most recent Blue Banisters. This album captures death, love, and family all into one and does a beautiful job with instrumentals, vocals, lyrics, and production.

The Grants

The album starts with the first track, The Grants, with a choir, she tapped Pattie Howard, Melodye Perry, and Shikena Jones. “I’m gonna take mind of you with me” as Del Rey speaks about her past loved ones and she carries memories of her beloved ones – even throughout the afterlife. This also denotes her caring characteristic, which she noticeably shows in the track. In the chorus, “Do you think about heaven?” is mainly said because she’s caring about her beloved family memories. A violin plays at the end to close the song and it’s clear that she thinks “It’s a beautiful life” as the song ends.

Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

This title track is arguably Del Rey’s best title track. Even though her Honeymoon album title track is a fan favorite, I truly think this is Del Rey’s best work, title track wise. It was released on 7 December, 2022 as a surprise drop, accompanying her official album announcement. An obscure title that references the now-defunct Jergins Tunnel is a perfect fit for a song that has all the essentials of a Lana single. A slow-paced and piano-heavy backing track that is clearly influenced by Harry Nilsson’s “Don’t Forget Me,” puts the singer’s velvety vocals center stage—as she delivers lyrics that reference 1970’s musicians (including the aforementioned Nilsson), locations in North America, loneliness, and low self-esteem.


“Sweet” is definitely in the top five on this album. She talks about her experience in love and her asking her partner, “Do you want children? Do you wanna marry me?” This song also interepoles the melody track on “Wait for Life” by American producer and songwriter Emile Haynie which was released on January 19, 2015. The way she says the word sweet is so soothing and it sounds like she came from the movie “Sleeping Beauty”. If this song wasn’t a Lana Del Rey song, it would be a lullaby.


A&W is the second release to this new album and it has a dual meaning. One is the tasty american drink, A&W Root Beer, and the two words “American Wh*re”. This is a fan favorite of Del Rey’s since there is a trap beat near the end,Lana Del Rey is not just a singer or songwriter, she’s a poet. She brought an entire new meaning to the words “American Wh*re.” 

Judah Smith Interlude

This interlude is a recording of a Judah Smith sermon. The sermon touches upon many of the themes of the album, and notably focuses on the difference between love and lust. Judah Smith is also a pastor and has long been criticized for his anti-abortion and homophobic stances. This interlude also has a fast piano playing in the background. This is one of her best interludes because of the intention and meaning. This also conveniently comes after a song that speaks about being a lady of the evening.

Candy Necklace (ft. Jon Batiste)

This track is the first featured artist on this album. Even though Batiste has minimal hearing, he also has his own interlude.The song talks about Del Rey’s love for her partner and maybe too much of it to the point that it is damaging her. This song could be relatable to most fans, since most of them joined her fanbase in her Ultraviolence era. This song is definitely in the top ten on this album.

Jon Batiste Interlude

This interlude is the second interlude on this album. Del Rey went from Interlude, song, interlude and I love it. Batiste’s interlude is spoken, like Judah Smith’s interlude. The only part that is sung is from Del rey and she only said 2 sentences. Both interludes are button 2 for fans, including me. There was nothing special but people do put this interlude over Judah Smith’s because of his past.


The track is about Del Rey remembering the deaths of family members and how she got through them, she let the light shine and take her out of this dark and sad place. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, while this also compares to Del Rey dealing with death and trying to build herself up again. This song is one of the best lyrically put together songs on this album.


This song examines the emotional baggage carried from her past experiences and intricate relationships, while at the same time, speculates about her future. This song is entirely based on voice memos from Del Rey’s phone. This song also relates to death entirely, like The Grants and Kintsugi. Fingertips is the most beautiful lyrically written song by Del Rey on this album. She sings about motherhood and if “the baby will be alright”. Del Rey expresses her feelings about death and how she is crashing like waves at the beach. Truly a lyrical genius.

Paris, Texas (ft. SYML)

The title samples the 1984 drama film Paris, Texas directed by Wim Wenders. This song also fully samples I Wanted to Leave by SYML. Every part of the song follows the original by SYML. This track is kind of fun and silly in a way, Del Rey speaks fast and slow at moments. Fans all over the internet have also said that this song reminds them of the stop-motion movie Coraline. Most of them will say that this is Coraline coordinated. This song is bottom 5 for me, it’s annoying how fast and slow she sings at moments.

Grandfather Please Stand On The Shoulders Of My Father While He’s Deep-Sea Fishing  (ft. RIOPY)

Despite this long title name, this is definitely top 3 on this album. This track was helped made by Jack Attonoff, who also helped with the making of Normal F**king Rockwell. Del Rey introduces us to embracing Identity and acknowledging imperfections and intentions. She seeks support from her grandfather and father while they are metaphorically deep-sea fishing, which can represent searching for meaning and answers in life. Before the song came out, the lyrics were leaked. Fans found them and “Tiagoahr” says that “this will be her best song on the album, I can feel it”. They weren’t wrong.

Let The Light In (ft. Father John Misty)

Let The Light In is the best song on this album, no questions asked. This track is about
her and her lover having an affair (FJM being the other lover in this case). Father John Misty
previously collaborated on the Freak on 2015’s album Honeymoon with music video. A
potential interpretation of the song follows the concept of the female singer having an
affair with the male singer. But the male singer is married or in a long-term relationship while the female singer is single. “Pick him up around quarter to one” This lyric adds secretary to the song since a quarter to one is in the middle of the night. By the end of the song, the female singer admits to wanting more than this affair, wanting to have a more domestic and traditional life with the singer. This track has so many reasons why it’s the best, the rhythm, the melody, the lyrics, the instrumentation, everything about this is the best song. This song is maybe top 10 in her entire discography.

Margaret (Ft. Bleachers)

This track is so obviously inside the top ten of this album. Margaret Qualley is actually Jack Attonofs fiance, not only who is featured and he had produced this song for her. Margaret speaks about how Antoff and Qualley met. In a  March interview for Rolling Stone reveals that the track’s subject matter, focusing on the personal life of producer Jack Antonoff: “…delightfully rom-com-esque “Margaret”, we learn that The One is not a myth. It was written for Antonoff’s fiancé Margaret Qualley as the kind of song that could hypothetically be played at their wedding.” This song is kind of the ending of this album for me, the rest of the songs are so good in their own way but they just don’t stand out to me like this one does.


Not the best song on this album. Definitely near the bottom. From her autotuned voice, and the random trap sound in the middle, this is certainly not the best on this album. The lyrics and meaning to this track is beautiful. This should have been a ballad. And I know the Lana Del Rey stans are going to come for me for saying this but, bottom 30 on her entire discography, yes it’s that bad to me. I usually love her love for trap/rap beats but this just wasn’t it. “You wanted me sadder” pays an amogue for the ‘fans’ who want Del Rey’s old music back, aka when she was going through depression and for the ‘fans’ who want her Ultraviolence era back, even though she speaks about being abused in a relationship. This track is so fun in its own way, but I cannot seem to get the hype.

Peppers (Ft. Tommy Genesis)

Del Rey used a sample from Genesis’s song, Angelina. Getting near the end of the album, she kind of slacks with her tracks. This track is definitely near the bottom, but it’s not the worst. I feel like Del Rey exploited Genesis with the track. Angelina is from 2015 and Del Rey decided this was the best sample to make? The track speaks about how Del Rey is in love with her cool boyfriend. Over this album she refers to her lover multiple times. Let’s go back to her Ultraviolence era, she marries a man named “Jim” and she could possibly be referring to him in A&W. “Jim” also was in the music video for Ultraviolence and was also in the photoshoot for Interview Magazine.

Taco Truck X VB

Ending this album strong with a sample. VB is from her 2019 album, NFR. By far this is the best use of a sample this album has. The way it transitions from her voice to Margaret Qualleys spoken words is so beautiful.  Taco Truck speaks about both sides of the relationship and how they both do not like each other. Del Rey used her icon name “Lanita” which is a mix of “Latina” and her own name. VB starts distorted like how A&W started. The mix of random trap beats like Soulja Boy’s Icon trumpet make this part so silly and fun to listen to. We get a longer version of VB in this track and it’s so beautiful.

Lana Del Rey has done it again. This album is going to be inside of the Top Three of her best albums, with NFR! And Blue Banisters. Did You Know… delivered the high expectations it had and even has tracks that might make her top ten list. Del Rey paved the way for alternative artists all around the world. There are theories about a deluxe that features Yes To Heaven, an unreleased song, popularized by TikTok. Fans are excited and so are we about this deluxe. Lana Del Rey is not just a song writer, she’s a poet, a friend, a soon to be wife and mother, and an amazing lyricist. By the way, the party is on December 18.