CHS: Let’s not just rely on reputation (Opinion)

Franz Espino

School is a place for learning learning and meeting up with friends. For most of us school takes up much of our day. We can call school our second home, and throughout the day we don’t even question what might happen to us. Now that feeling of safety and security is questioned with the recent events of fights and nearby shooting. There is still time to make changes for the better. It’s up to us whether we are going to take action. 

Cerritos High has always been known as a great place school, both for academics and atmosphere. As a school we need stop relying on this reputation and address the current problems head on. Teachers said the recent school board meetings barely touch on the topics of the school threats. This, along with information shared too late with families and students is unacceptable. Last Wednesday, many of friends instead found out about the threat of a possible shooting before anything official was shared. Students shouldn’t have to take things into their own hands. The school board members need to prioritize their students and staff rather than the reputation. To solve this we can communicate with one another no matter what position we hold in the school.

Communication between the students and the school is one key part for a school to be successful. Just making a simple portal where students can post their concerns or thoughts with active staff or school members looking into it can better not only future news distribution, but also create a stronger bond between the students and the school. Giving the students respect and a voice to be heard will make them feel like they are accepted. Sure we are just everyday students trying to get by, but we our the face of the school and we should be looked at more than anyone else.