CHS 50th Anniversary: A Vintage Look Through Modern Eyes

Sevinch Kosimova

The past weekend featured the celebration of the fiftieth year since Cerritos High’s founding, which showcased a number of talented alumni and current students alike, along with enjoyable retro games and many throwback items. With each open classroom came another entrance to another time, all absorbed through contemporary eyes. 

One major contender to this demographic shift was seen in room 401, and seen in the Cerritos Informer itself. Displayed over a number of desks were physical prints of the Informer from years prior, dating back to the eighties, and showing a shift from big hairstyles and shoulder pads on front covers, to digitally-produced fonts – eventually to a home on the internet. As the years passed, students’ styles shifted and generations changed, culminating in a timeline through pictures ready for returning alum and current students alike.

This shift was not only seen in the Informer, but also with the older versions of the sport uniforms. Across the gym, many variations of the uniforms were hung from the bleachers, showcasing a variety of styles through many decades of wear. Examples alike from the cheer, football, baseball, and soccer teams were shown, with many images of the teams from the respective years displayed alongside them. 

Among the alums who returned for the anniversary event, many left messages for the oncoming years through video in a special booth set up. Some included those who met their spouses while at CHS, those leaving messages for their family and friends who attended yet have now passed on, and those who simply wished to reminisce upon favored memories from their time here. These short videos are set to be compiled within the near future into their own special. 

The event proved to be nothing short of a success, with an immense turnout and multiple waves of students, past and present, mentioning their surpassed expectations of the event. Decades of students have passed through the CHS gate, but even more history was made this past Saturday.