Back to School Night back on campus

Back to School Night back on campus

Cerritos High School’s Back to School Night returned Tuesday as an on-campus event after two years as an online-only event.

The event kicked off with a short event in the gym which featured Principal Patrick Walker discussing goals for students followed by Assistant Principal Jessica Monserratte informing parents on upcoming campus construction.

After a brief performance by CHS Band followed by Cerritos Dance Team, parents made their way to the first scheduled classroom visit. Each class period lasted 10 minutes. The event ended at 8:10PM

Parents quickly heading to the next classroom shared positive reactions to the experience:

“So far, I love it. […] all the teachers have been very thorough, very accurate, very punctual, very energetic. They’re giving a lot of valuable information, and they all seem very happy and eager to teach, like it’s their passion.”

“I wanted to know–which I did find out–exactly how the grading is done, what the teachers expect, and how the actual student adds to the classroom. […] all teachers have done a great job explaining that.”