Beach Cleanup: fun that matters


Segismundo Millan

Surfriders beach cleanup

Surfrider is a non-profit organization that deals with the cleaning of  oceans by reducing plastic pollution, offering ocean protection, and coastal preservation, not to mention fighting for more clean water and beach access.

Cerritos High School’s first official beach cleanup for this school year was held on Saturday, 29th 2022. Where students from CHS participated in cleaning beaches.

The Surfrider officers had supplied volunteers with some bags, gloves, hand grabbers, and donuts. The officers at the tents had volunteers who were there for the first time, and instructed them on what and how to clean up.

At the end of the beach cleanup, the officers at the tent weighed the bags of trash before ending with a group photo.

“The beach clean up was very fun and friendly […] seeing people I knew was great and I really enjoyed the beach while cleaning,” Sophomore Ryann Reed said.