Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ should’ve been released on a Monday


Savannah Lopez

You’ve probably seen the one show everybody is raving about these days: Netflix’s Addams Family spinoff series, ‘Wednesday,’ featuring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Addams Family favorites, Gomez (Luis Guzman) and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Wednesday doesn’t fit in at “normie” school, so her parents decide to send her away to their alma mater, a boarding school in the pilgrim town of Jericho called Nevermore Academy. 

As Wednesday works to uncover mysteries about recent deaths and secret identities, she is accompanied by her family’s pet/servant/slave/hand-puppet/maybe Frankenstein’s hand, Thing, and her not-so-werewolf-y roommate, Enid (Emma Myers). 

Wednesday standing with Thing on her shoulder 

Enid’s entire presence at this school makes no sense. The whole point of Nevermore is to educate the “outcasts” who don’t fit in at “normie” schools. But, Enid is pretty much like every other “normie” teenage girl; she loves social media and she’s pretty normal-looking (besides her hair that makes her resemble a teenage Harley Quinn). 

‘Wednesday’ is literally just thrown together with Harry Potter, Mean Girls and some Hocus Pocus, topped off with not enough of ‘The Addams Family,’ stitched together with the idea that for some reason we all think that this show is original. No matter how hard you look, no matter how many minutes of ‘Wednesday’ you make yourself sit through, you will find hardly any Addams Family influence. Sure, there’s Morticia, Gomez, and Pugsley (Isaac Ordonez); but there’s not enough Addams family charm to really make this a spinoff. I mean, come on; we’re not even going to pretend that “normies” and “outcasts” is any different than muggles and wizards? Tim Burton, I hate to break this to you, but we all know Nevermore is just a gothier Hogwarts. Furthermore, it’s so odd how Nevermore students read a gossip blog instead of scrolling on the one app everyone has nowadays (Instagram). We get it, Netflix. The y2k revival was inevitable, but did we really have to bring back 2005-esc gossip blogs?