Girl From Nowhere Season 2 adds nuance and celebrity


The second season of Girl from Nowhere focuses on Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul) and Yuri (Chanya McClory). Nanno begins to break the rules of the strict, grayscale school by using color. Later, Teacher A is caught using Nanno’s rebellious colored lipstick by Yuri, getting interrupted by Yuri. Inspired by Nanno’s devious acts, Yuri shows the teacher that she has infiltrated a group chat of “rule breakers,” ostensibly snitching on them, which leads a punishment scene in the auditorium.

Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul) breaking to rules. (Netflix)

Nanno gradually flouts the school’s rigid regulations, which causes the Teacher A to grow increasingly aggravated. What that causes Teacher A to do–and who finds out–drives the conflict of the early episodes.

 The Girl from Nowhere series’ second season is more imaginative and features more distinctive episodes; each has a unique plot that eventually concludes with a tease for season three. Moreover, there are more fan favorites in season two, in including Jenny-X, The Judgement, Liberation, and Minnie and the Four Bodies.