Cerritos High School hosts ABCUSD Honor Band Auditions


Jason Lee

During the last week of first semester, the Cerritos Music Program was given the opportunity to be the host school for the ABCUSD Honor Band Audition Tryouts for the 2023 ABCUSD Honor Band. 

Tryouts occurred after school on Jan. 17 and 18. The first day was for woodwinds, while the second day was for brass and percussion. The Cerritos Music Booster Board as well as volunteer music students assisted in signing in those who auditioned and guiding them to audition rooms.

According to Cerritos band director Shane Reider, this is the first time CHS has hosted the auditions.

Cerritos students who were accepted into the band include: 

Edward Jiang (senior, flute)
Ella Tai (junior, oboe)
Katelyn Gomez (senior, clarinet)
Thomas George (senior, bass clarinet)

Justin Costa (senior, trumpet)
Kai Cooray (senior, trombone)
Owen Mendez( junior, tuba)

Justin Costa, when asked on how he felt about his acceptance, said that he felt “both shocked and satisfied.” Although he stated that he had a subpar audition and did not get the chair placement he hoped for, he said was glad to be back in the honor band for his last year. He said he was “excited to meet some new people” and believes it will be an opportunity for him to grow “musically and socially.”

Senior flutist Edward Jiang practicing before his audition.
Senior volunteer Chaitanya Kishore directing auditioners to the Cerritos band room.
Band director Shane Reider and senior volunteer and trumpet player Justin Costa putting up sideline covers in room 501. This is to prevent the band director–who evaluates the audition–from seeing who is auditioning.